Elyse Sussman, PhD

My research is in the field of Cognitive Neuroscience and is focused on understanding the neural bases of auditory information processing in adults and children. Our laboratory’s research uses a combination of non-invasive recordings of human brain activity (event-related potentials [ERPs]) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), in conjunction with behavioral performance measures, to specify the processes and brain structures that contribute to the organization, storage and perception of a coherent sound environment.

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Elizabeth Dinces, MD, MS

Elizabeth Dinces, MD, MS

Dinces’ basic science research focuses on understanding how the brain processes sounds into meaningful language and includes auditory scene analysis in the elderly, sound intensity processing in children, and development of auditory processing after cochlear implantation. The value of learning the role of attention and understanding the active and passive processes of stream segregation in aging populations will be to help develop therapeutic strategies to improve listening and understanding in noisy sound environments of aging adults.

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Huizhen Tang (Joann), PhD

I received my PhD (2015) at Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia). My thesis work investigated the cortical processing of temporal information in children and adults using concurrent recordings of magnetroencephalography (MEG) and electroencephalography (EEG).

At the present, I am working as a postdoctoral researcher with Dr. Sussman in a NIH funded project on neural adaptation. In particular, we aim to gain a better understanding of how adaptation of visual cortical circuits contributes to perception in young adults, combining event-related potentials (ERPs) and psychophysical measures.

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Renee Symonds – PhD Candidate

I study how the brain processes the many sounds that compete for our attention in noisy listening environments. I use behavior and scalp-recorded brain responses to investigate how the brain organizes incoming sound information and to answer questions about the impact of unattended sounds on successful listening in noise.

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Kelin Brace – MSTP Student

My thesis research is centered on determining how normal hearing individuals are able to multitask in complex auditory environments. Through use of novel stimulus paradigms, I am assessing how cortical response change in auditory multitasking.

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Wei Wei Lee, AuD - Research Audiologist

Wei Wei Lee, AuD – Research Audiologist






Jean DeMarco

Jean DeMarco – Technical Aide

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 Summer Students

The lab hosts high school students from the Einstein-Montefiore Summer High School Research Program  and undergraduate students from the Summer Undergraduate Research Program   through Albert Einstein College of Medicine.


Gavi Shandler

Project Title: Processing of Unattended Sounds During a Selective Attention Task

Oberlin College




Robert Dinallo

Project Title: The Impact of Unreliable Cuing in Complex Auditory Environments

Trinity High School

Previous Graduate Students

  • Jonathan Sussman-Fort, PhD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Julia Wang, PhD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Hajnal Jolsvai, PhD., Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest Hungary
  • Johanna Rimmele PhD, University of Leipzig, Germany
  • Wenjun Wang, PhD

Previous Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Mark Orr, Ph.D.
  • Valia Gumenyuk, Ph.D
  • Alessia Pannese, PhD
  • Sufen Chen, PhD

Laboratory Rotations

  • David Yun, M.D.
  • Julia Grushko, Ph.D.
  • Latha Swamy, MSTP
  • Tanya Casmiri,  PhD
  • Stephanie Wissig, MSTP
  • Stephania Macchia, PhD
  • Michaol Snow, MSTP
  • Eileen Lenz, PhD

Past Visitors

Scientists / Students

  • Piers Dawes, PhD, University of Manchester
  • Caroline Max, University of Leipzig
  • Jordi C. Faidella, PhD, Columbia University
  • John Rinzel, PhD, New York University
  • Torsten Rahne, PhD, University Hospital Halle (Salle)
  • Renaud Brochard, PhD, University of Burgundy, Dijon, France
  • Janos Horvath, PhD, Institute for Psychology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest Hungary
  • Tomas Jacobsen, PhD, University of Copenhagen
  • Philipp Rahnau, PhD
  • Toviah Moldwin, Yeshiva University
  • Heivet Hernandez, MSc, University of Havana
  • Christine Rota-Donahue, PhD, Lehman College
  • Juin-Wan Zhou, PhD Student, Stony Brooke University

Summer Students


  • Joel Castillo
  • Juin-Wan Zhou
  • Sally Cole
  • Nadja Santana
  • Nicholas Lawson
  • Natalie Stahl
  • Laura Sittig
  • David Demosthenes
  • Errold Reid
  • Kara Rosario
  • Kenneth Carias
  • Carlisdania Mendoza
  • Andrea Vogel
  • Tova Miller
  • Sarah Witkowski
  • Harold Reid
  • Andrea Bendich


  • Caitlyn Linehan
  • Laura Staffaroni
  • Shira Korn
  • Bryana Gullota
  • Jon Cziner
  • Aaron Berdych
  • Stephania Macchiarulo